Beyond Gravity ✕ Moon Ribas

Short doc
Branded content

  1. director & editor · Alex Bravo
  2. cinematographer · Sandra Formatger
  3. client · FLYTE

Beyond Gravity is a video series by FLYTE, showcasing artists, designers and creatives pushing the limits of what’s possible.

Each episode is a short glimpse into the lives of people inspired to reach beyond the imaginable and challenge the impossible.

Moon Ribas, a cyborg artist from Barcelona, creates works that meld artistic innovation and technological revolution. She seeks to challenge the current confines of human perception and senses and uses technology not as a standalone tool, but rather integrates it into her own body. Ribas has a magnetic implant that is connected to seismic meters and allows her to feel, in real time, the earthquakes that shake our planet every day.

In this episode, she speaks about her creative vision, and performs Waiting for Earthquakes, a dance piece driven by the Earth’s own seismic data where she plays the role of mediator between the Earth and the audience.