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  1. director & editor · Alex Bravo
  2. client · Factory Berlin

A hopeless creative with a dozen side projects. A businesswoman determined to disrupt a whole industry. A once-failed founder who did not think twice about starting up again. What do they have in common? They wouldn’t let anything come between them and their passion.

For some people, a passion project is the manifestation of their purpose in life. Their lifework. This is the core of the stories of Lifework—a web show featuring entrepreneurs and creatives from Factory Berlin’s diverse community.

Focusing on the personal aspects of work, each episode has the ambition to demystify success by examining failures, struggles, and regrets. Meet and follow three Factory members on their journey through lifelong motivations, serendipity, and personal philosophies.

A joint production with Factory Berlin, Lifework launched with three episodes in 2017.

Made in Berlin with ♥